Concerns about privacy, identity theft, and data security are driving demands for reliable biometric security options. Biometrics traits such as iris and fingerprint patterns are harder to copy, guess or steal than traditional password or PIN-based methods, and such security methods are more convenient for the user.

However, the market is demanding greater accuracy and reliability at a lower cost, for high volume applications such as mobile phones, smart cards, and network/internet security. At D.T.I. Enterprises, we provide a solution for all your security needs.

Security Services & Compliance

Exposure to unauthorized access to your facilities and attacks to your information system infrastructure are threats to your security, whether business or personal.

Security Solutions &
ID Management

Security is required to protect the privacy and integrity of server contents and to ensure that network resources & business process availability are not compromised.

Software Development

Our services include: Biometrics Software Development and Customization, Smart Cards Development and Customization, and Hardware Token Implementation and Customization.

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